Northern District Of Illinois Is Botching TCPA Fax Rule

Authors: David Almeida and Mark Eisen

Published in Law360

In 2006, the Federal Communications Commission enacted the so-called solicited fax rule under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This rule required certain byzantine language to appear at the bottom of every single fax advertisement informing recipients how to opt out of receiving future faxes, even if those faxes were requested (i.e., solicited) by the recipients. What is more, violations of this regulation are punishable by between $500 and $1,500 per fax in statutory damages.

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Eight-Figure Class Action Attorney Fee Award Dissolves in the Court of Appeals

Author: Jeremy Gilman (former Partner at Benesch Law)

There’s something uniquely interesting about judicial opinions involving class action attorneys’ fees.  For class counsel, it’s the culmination of years of work.  They researched the claim, brought the case, slogged through discovery, endured motion practice, battled through class certification, lost sleep, sacrificed weekends and holidays, and waited.  If they prevailed on class certification, they high fived each other and pressed forward, preparing for a trial that might never occur, because the case may settle.  And if it does settle, class counsel can get paid for it all. Continue reading “Eight-Figure Class Action Attorney Fee Award Dissolves in the Court of Appeals”